Measured Building Survey

Twenty20 Surveys

With extensive knowledge and experience, Twenty20 Surveys specialises in carrying out precise measured building surveys for a diverse range of projects, encompassing both individual residential properties and extensive commercial portfolios.


At Twenty20 Surveys, we have extensive expertise in conducting measured building surveys for a diverse range of projects. Whether you require a survey for an individual residential property or a large commercial portfolio, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver high-quality results.

Measured building surveys are essential for capturing accurate and detailed information about the dimensions, layout, and features of a building. Our team of experienced surveyors utilises advanced equipment and techniques to ensure precise measurements and comprehensive documentation.

We understand that each project is unique, and we tailor our measured building surveys to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need floor plans, elevations, sections, or 3D models, we can provide you with the appropriate deliverables to support your project.

Our wealth of expertise allows us to efficiently navigate through different types of buildings, from historic structures to modern developments. We pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every architectural feature, structural element, and spatial relationship is accurately captured in our surveys.


By choosing Twenty20 Surveys for your measured building survey needs, you can expect reliable and comprehensive information that will support your decision-making and project planning. Our commitment to delivering high-quality results has earned us the trust of clients in various sectors, including residential, commercial, and property development.

Contact us today to discuss your measured building survey requirements. Our team is ready to apply our expertise and deliver accurate and detailed surveys tailored to your project needs.

What is a Measured Building Survey?

A measured building survey is the collection of measured data to enable the surveyor to be able to produce plans, elevations or sectional drawings of a building. Measured data can be delivered as two dimensional drawings but more commonly three dimensional ‘BIM ready’ solid or wireframe models are the requested deliverables. 


It is worth bearing in mind that a survey prepared for one purpose is not necessarily going to be of sufficient accuracy or detail to be used for another. For example, surveying the overall outline of a room to define the lettable area may well be done at a lesser accuracy than when data collection will enable an architect to design structural alterations to the building, e.g. the difference between an unconnected survey and a fully connected survey. Whatever the project, accuracy in planning is the key. A thorough survey will lessen the possibility of making costly mistakes at a later stage, as it will be lessen the likelihood of discovering unforeseen problems.

Why is a Measured Building Survey required?

The existing detail of a building may be required for a wide range of purposes, most commonly for refurbishment of the property. A measured building survey may also be required for historical archiving or lease plans to define a space.

Measured building surveys may also be required for:

  • Sale, acquisition, letting or land registry
  • Valuation or taxation
  • Facilities management or services layout
  • Licensing requirements
  • Interior design layout
  • Redevelopment, alterations or structural changes
  • Health & safety, e.g. fire plan layout
  • Modelling, visualization
  • Rights of light, party wall issues.